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1XQuiSoft Filtering  v.2.4Internet / EmailFreeFreeware382 Kb
2URL Filtering  v.NG-1.2.6Internet / Security$9.99Shareware187.48 Mb
3Adaptive Gaussian Filtering  v.9.4.1Home & Education / ScienceFreeFreeware20 Kb
4Plugin Filtering Modules  v.0.1Internet / EmailFreeFreeware139 Kb
5Sendmail Inline Filtering  v.0Internet / EmailFreeFreeware13 Kb
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1Ebtables  v. / Network-SharewareDetail

The ebtables program is a filtering tool for a Linux-based bridging firewall.

102 Kb
2Joe's j-chkmail  v.1.3.1Internet / EmailFreeFreewareDetail

j-chkmail is a complete solution to mail filtering on busy SMTP gateways - it includes both behavioural filtering (rate limit, greylisting) and content filtering (statistical filtering, URL filtering, pattern matching, heuristics,

397 Kb
3DefendGate Spam Guard  v.3.9Internet / Email$9.99SharewareDetail

A powerful and cost-effective email filtering tool that eliminates over 95% of all Spam e-mails before they even reach your Inbox. DefendGate Spam Guard is a hybrid multi-level Spam filtering system, employing an intelligent linguistic probability

0 Kb
4KAFBOX Kernel Adaptive Filtering Toolbox  v.0.5Home & Education / ScienceFreeFreewareDetail

The Kernel Adaptive Filtering Toolbox (KAFBOX) is a benchmarking toolbox to evaluate and compare kernel adaptive filtering algorithms in MATLAB. Kernel adaptive filtering algorithms are online techniques suitable for nonlinear filtering, prediction, ...

45 Kb
5IP Filter Updater - uTorrent  v.1.0Business / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

uTorrent users can benefit from filtering anti-p2p IP addresses from the torrent swarm, IP Filtering.

768 Kb
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1Traffic Inspector  v. / Anti-Spam$194.00Shareware32.5 Mb

internet, windows, firewall, content filtering, web filtering, url filtering, ad filtering, antispam, anti-phishing, web access control, utm, wot, nat, ics, rras, rbl, traffic shaping, accounting, billing, malware inspection, kaspersky

2InterGate Policy Manager for Windows  v.9.2.5Utilities / Network$338.00Demo19.82 Mb

web filter, web usage reporting, internet access controls, p2p filtering, im filtering, intergate, vicomsoft

3InterGate Policy Manager for Mac OS X  v.9.2.5Utilities / Network$338.00Demo21.77 Mb

web filter, web usage reporting, internet access controls, p2p filtering, im filtering, intergate, vicomsoft

4CYAN Secure Web  v.1.2.1Internet / Security-Commercial32 Mb

application gateway, application security, caching proxy, cookie filtering, enterprise proxy, linux proxy, websense alternative, surfcontrol alternative

5WinCloak  v.1.07Utilities / Encryption$179.00Demo10.1 Mb

ntfs, file permissions, ntfs filtering, windows file system filtering, filtering, windows security

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